Popular Living Room Colours in 2018

Your living room is where all the action takes place. It is the gateway to welcome your friends, guests and family members, making each one feel welcome. The colours you choose here reflect your style and warmth to greet people in. The right colours can also bring the best out of your decor. The wrong colours can make even expensive furniture or decoration pale into oblivion. It is important to choose the correct shade from the colour palette to give your living room a cohesiveness that you see in the best-designed homes.

Colour Scheme

The living room wall colour is not as much about choosing a colour than balancing the space with your existing decor. The shade should complement the furniture, floors, and decor. A word of caution: stick to a neutral shade, unless you are an artist who has a strong sense of colours and styles. The key colours can set the tone for the rest of your home. Check out the popular selections of 2018 and see what works best for you:

Blush Pink

A hint of pink can infuse a warm blush to your home, reflecting happy times, but too much pink can make you blush from unwanted comments by others. Use it with care. Set it off with cool grey to bring sophisticated elegance. Offset the pink walls with dark grey sofas and a bit of black.

Cool Blue

The right shade of pastel blue is what you need to invite your family and friends to unwind. It can be a touch of the turquoise sky, or a hint of the aquamarine sea. For a creative touch, paint one wall a darker shade of the same hue. Build accents of the same colours in your room decor like the cushions, carpet, rug or the coffee table. Grey and white go well but you can bring out a contrast with hints of coral for a more vibrant appeal.

Mellow Yellow

If you’re looking to bring the colours of summer into the cozy comfort of your home, a sharp contrast can create a delightful effect. Offset mellow yellow walls with bright magenta accents in wall paintings or artifacts. Use indoor plants to unite the colours together.

Shadow and Light

If you have a home with segregated L-shaped spaces, use different colours in different areas to build an illusion of a sectioned space. Create dark accent walls, balanced out by lighter coloured rugs, sofas, and wall hangings. Offset the light and dark neural shades with hints of a brighter, contrasting colour. For example, if you have hardwood floors and a charcoal grey wall, brighten the space with off-white sofas and a soft grey carpet with flecks of white and rust accents. Add deep rust cushions to make the colour pop out. Rust-hued dining table legs or picture frames bring out the beauty of the neutral shades. When complemented with creative touches, neutral shades look anything but boring.

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