How Cheap Paint Costs You More Than Quality Paint

You may have noticed that high-quality paint in the market may cost you twice as much as low grade paint, leading you to wonder whether you should use the latter instead. If you buy cheap paint, you will notice that costs are cheaper for a reason. Your walls will require more than two coats, the finish may not be as good, and the paint will degrade sooner than you thought.

What is the difference between superior quality paint and inferior paint? How do you know know which is best for your walls? Which brand should you choose?

Cheap paint is half the cost of quality paint for a few reasons. Don’t be taken in. Paint is made of pigments, solvents and resins (binders). The difference between high and low quality paint lies in the ratio of these ingredients. Here’s what you need to understand:

The Pain of Cheap Paint Versus The Pleasure of a High Quality Brand

Percentage of Solids: Paint is made of solids, pigments and binders. Solids are the dense residue left on your wall after the moisture has dried up. A dense coating is a sign of durability. Good quality paint contains about 45% solids. However, a high percentage of solids does not mean that the paint is good. Cheap paints increase their percentage of solids with cheap fillers.

Concentration of Pigments: Paint gets its colour from the concentration of pigment particles. The best type of paint pigment is Titanium Dioxide. Make sure that this is listed on the paint container. Cheap paint has a lower concentration of pigments. The particles of pigment are also not as refined. They are larger, hence not as effective. High-quality paint will produce better coverage and finish in just one or two coats. This saves you a huge amount of time when you paint larger surfaces such as exterior walls. Poor quality paint requires more coats, and more gallons of paint to cover the walls effectively.

Binder Quality: The liquid that pulls the solids and pigment particles together is called a binder. The best binders are all-acrylic, tough and withstands weather conditions better than vinyl or vinyl acrylic binders. Make sure your paint brand contains 100% acrylic binder. You will find that mentioned in front of the container. Cheap paint will not use 100% binder or have it mentioned on the can.

Added Costs: You will be surprised to know that poor quality paint will end up costing you more. This is because quality paint uses fewer coats and lasts longer. Cheap paint will chip off or fade away fast. You will need repainting in a much shorter time, even after using gallons more of paint.

Limited or No Warranty: Quality paint comes with a warranty against blistering, peeling, fading and wearing out for up to 25 years or more. Cheap paint made with low quality ingredients will never be able to stand up to the harsh weather conditions of Toronto. This applies to exterior and interior paint, both of which need to protect walls from moisture, excessive sunlight and sharp temperature changes from weather fluctuations. Paint also shields the walls in your bathroom and kitchen from mould. Cheap paint offers little resistance from all these damaging elements. Your walls will deteriorate faster in less time.

How to Pick the Best Quality Paint?

To make sure you are buying the best quality paint that will stay weather-resistant for many years, you need to buy the right brand from trusted sources. Speak to a professional at your local retailer. They will guide you about the right brands such as Monarch Paints that has been selling the best quality paint products for over 50 years.

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