Benjamin Moore logo

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore consistently delivers the quality that customers know and rely on. Led by Aura our ultra-premium product that uses their exclusive colour lock technology.

PPG Pittsburgh Paint logo

PPG Pittsburgh Paint

PPG Pittsburgh Paint has a wide range of products available from the finest paint for your home to high performance coatings for commercial and industrial application like dryfalls, DTM, urethanes and epoxies.

C2 Paint logo

C2 Paint

C2 Paint is the first and only North American paint company to use a European 16-colourant tinting system. C2 Paint is the only cooperatively owned paint brand in the industry, offering the finest quality paint and colours available.

Sansin Enviro Stains logo

Sansin Enviro Stains

Sansin Enviro Stains doesn't just stain your wood, it actually becomes an integral part of your wood's cell structure, protecting it from within. Sansin is formulated with modified natural oils and resins which are solvent free and environmentally friendly.

Vermont Natural Coatings logo

Vermont Natural Coatings

Vermont Natural Coatings products POLYWHEY naturally derived wood finished without the toxic chemicals of other finishes. The result is a naturally durable, safe and easy to use finish that meets the highest professional and environmental standards.

Para Paints

Para Paint

Para Paint is a line of premium quality paints supplying the contractor, maintenance, design, and consumer markets.

Old Masters logo

Old Masters

Old Masters produces some of the finest stains and finishes available. We offer a wide range of stains and colours from wiping to gel stains and clear finishes too.

Deft Wood Finish logo


Deft offers a wide range of wood coatings from water based hybrid coatings to their original Defthane oil based polyurethane for both interior and exterior applications.

Farrow & Ball logo

Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball are paint perfectionists, creating unmatched paint colours using only the finest ingredients and old-age methods. Farrow and Ball products paint and wallpaper meticulously in Dorset, England.

Modern Masters logo

Modern Masters

Modern Masters is the world leader in water based metallic finishes. We offer a wide range of colours that appeal to both do-it-yourself and designer specified jobs.

Texturline logo


Textureline makes the highest quality decorative plasters and glazes. Their lime based stucco italiano offers durable, hard as stone finish for walls that is a non-toxic green product.

Lenmar Wood Finishes logo


Lenmar manufactures the finest waterborne products, pre-cat lacquers, and post-cat lacquers. Our wood coatings are used by the most discriminating wood finishing craftsman and cabinet shops.

Valspar logo


Valspar's line of pre-cat waterborne lacquers offer excellent build and durability approaching that of two-component products. These products are an excellent choice for cabinet and furniture applications.

Enviropoxy logo


Enviropoxy is a two component 100% solid epoxy floor coating which is an environmentally friendly, zero V.O.C. low odour product. It is designed to provide superior durability and adhesion to protect from wear, chemical attacks, stains, and mechanical stress.

Coronado Paint logo


Coronado has been the choice of professionals for over 50 years. We offer an extensive line of high performance coatings for all industries, from epoxies, urethanes, traffic paints, and fast dry enamel and direct to metal coatings, to dryfalls and latex primers.