Top tips to paint your bathroom

Painting your home can be quite rewarding given that you get to work with so many colours, patterns, and choices on a lot of space. But when it is time to paint your ‘me-space,’ it can get quite tricky. Why? Well, for starters, bathrooms are constricted spaces. They are full of water, little ventilation and lots of obstacles in the form of taps, tubs, toilet tanks, vents and pipes. Each one of us begins and ends our day in a bathroom, so it is only natural to want to make it an amazing place. Painting a bathroom can be rewarding too, if you have the patience for it and of course if you are backed by specialists like Monarch Paints. For those of you who want to be ambitious and go the ‘DIY’ way, here are a few tips to ensure that you make the best out of your bathroom painting project.

Clean up

Make sure to clean the walls and free it from soap scrum and other deposits that will interfere with your paint job. It is important to thoroughly remove any deposits as they are likely to scrape off, discolour or dampen a portion of your freshly painted room.

Remove the business tank (read toilet)

Painting between the toilet and the wall can be frustrating and tricky. It involves a lot of painter’s tape, multiple coats of colour to get the right shade and of course bending and contorting your body in ways you never have, all this to just reach that tough spot. Instead, how about completely taking out the tank out? Removing a toilet tank may sound like hard work, but is definitely worth it if you want to make sure that your bathroom is evenly painted.

Assembling the paraphernalia

Once you are set with staging the bathroom for a paint job, make sure you have the necessary tools like different types of brushes, rollers, pattern making equipment and some rags or specific paint wipes. Additionally, have some filler putty on hand for any gaps that you might need to fill. Make sure to dress up for your big day in paint overalls and old clothes.

Deciding the right colour

Picking the right colour for a bathroom can be tricky. The rule of thumb is to go with shades that exude brightness and make your bathroom look spacious. For this result, it is best to stick to lighter shades. If you have any coloured bathroom fixtures, remember to coordinate the paint colour for a great finish.

Paint specifications

Imagine two months after you freshly painted your bathroom, a big chunk of paint starts to scrape off. Make sure to consider the humidity, dampness and wear and tear of a bathroom when deciding the type of paint. Special bathroom paints that are suitable for wet/damp surfaces with mould-inhibiting agents and moisture resistance are readily available. If you don’t want to spend on bathroom specific paint, do invest in a good quality paint – a paint that has more solids which form a protective acrylic-latex layer. The last but important step in your bathroom painting project is to use a high gloss paint coat, especially if you have drywall in the upper section on the shower or tub area.

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