How To Brighten A Windowless Office

As much as we’d all love to work in an office with large, bright windows pushing light through and all around the office, it’s not always possible. Cubicles or work offices without windows are fairly common, however, this does not mean your chance at a bright, light and chic office is unachievable. Natural light may not be on your side, but making your office a more comfortable, open and welcoming space is possible with a few key tips.

To transform your office from drab to fab, check out our guide on the four essential tips to brighten a windowless office space.

1. Opt For A New Paint Colour

The best way to brighten up a windowless, darker office is to completely change the paint colour on the walls. Bright white paint can be a great colour choice for a windowless office, however, the lighting has to be bright and right or else the room can appear even darker. If this is the case, choose a paint colour with a shade of white with more warmth to make the office more welcoming. Other popular colours include soft gray, light pink tones or powdery blues.

2. Enhance the Lighting and Air Quality

Good lighting and proper airflow are essential to a healthy work environment. Full-spectrum lighting can improve the lighting in the office and the well-being of the employees in the office. Avoid fluorescent lights for your office, as the room can become even darker and appear duller. Invest in hidden lights in the space to tuck behind furniture and decorative pieces to create more light.

To improve the office’s air quality, invest in an air-humidifier or air-purifying plants that can tolerate ample artificial lighting. Many businesses are choosing to install aromatherapy diffusers, which releases healthy essential oils into the air to promote positive, productive energy.

3. Use One Flooring Type

It can be tempting to completely redo your office and make it more modern with chic carpets and various flooring types. Choose one solid, staple flooring, such as a sleek hardwood floor for the office that spans the entirety of it. This makes the office space appear wider and more welcoming with a seamless appearance.

4. Make It More Personal

Although it is a professional work setting, that does not mean that you have to eliminate or ban special works of employees or pictures. Add business awards or achievements on the walls, group portraits with employees, television screens and beautiful, large art.

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