5 Sampling Tips to Help You Choose a Paint Color You Love

Sampling paint colours is a crucial step to ensure that you are picking the right colour for your home. With the introduction of stick paint swatches, you can now easily sample paints without all the mess. However, the same general rules still apply whether you choose to sample the old fashioned way or choose to try stick paint swatches.

Here are 5 sampling tips, that will guarantee that you choose the perfect paint colour every time.

1. You Should Be Aware of the Various Colours Already in Your Space

Colour is an optical illusion, which can change dramatically due to a multitude of factors such as natural and artificial light, which makes colour perception particularly tricky. What may look great in your old living, might look completely different in your new, so it’s important that you approach colour selection with an open -mind. The perception of colour is contextual. A bedroom that is facing a pool, will have a blue tint at some point during the day. You want to choose colours that compliment any contextual hues in the room you are painting.

2. Observe Your Chosen Colours Throughout the Day

The type of light in your room will impact the way the colour looks. The amount of natural light a room gets and the direction it is facing will alter the way colour is perceived. Observe your top choices and different types of the day with both natural and artificial light to make sure that you really love it.

3. Make sure it Matches Your Design Scheme

You want your room to be cohesive. Before painting your walls, you should hold the colour against any furniture, and decor that you intend to add to the room. You don’t want to paint the room, and later realize that it doesn’t fit the aesthetic that you were going for. A general rule of thumb to keep in mind: warm colours (such as beige) work well with traditional styles, while cooler colours (such grey) are great options if you have more of a modern style.

4. Move the Swatches Around

Whether you are using stick paint swatches or painting on your wall, you should see how the colour looks in both bright and dimly lit areas of the room.

5. Trust Yourself

It can be overwhelming having to choose various colours, sample them, and then paint your home, but the key to success is to trust yourself and your decision. Colour is about creating a space that you will enjoy and be happy to see every day, so don’t feel pressured to choose just any colour. Do your research and test out as many colours as you need to.

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