Do You Know How Your Living Room Colour Impacts Your Mood?

If you’re looking to repaint your living room but aren’t sure what colour to choose, then this is the guide for you. We’ll tell you all about your colour options and what feelings they’re most likely to invoke.


Red is an energetic colour that’s best used in rooms outside of the bedroom. It produces intense feelings, as though it’s pumping adrenaline into everyone in the space. In the living room, in particular, it’ll draw people together while also stimulating conversation. It makes a strong first impression on people first entering your home. Red walls have been known to raise blood pressure while increasing respiration and heart rate.


Another energetic colour that communicates happiness and cheer, yellow is uplifting while encouraging a sense of optimism. It’s seen as a welcoming colour, especially when attached to the foyer. While it can create feelings of anger or frustration in larger amounts, yellow will stimulate your nerves and purify your body in smaller amounts.


Known for being a calming colour that lowers blood pressure, respiration and heart rate, blue can easily turn your living room into a relaxing space. However, in a room with little to no natural lighting, pastel blues can look cold and uninviting. If you want a blue living room, use lighter shades as the primary room colour while balancing it out with warm-toned furniture and decor. Warmer blue tones are perfect for encouraging relaxation in more social spaces. But avoid darker blues like navy, as they tend to invoke feelings of sadness when used as the main colour.


Due to its combined nature of the colours yellow and blue, green is known as a restful colour for both the eyes and the mind. You can place it in any room of the house for a positive impact. In the living room specifically, it’ll encourage visitors to unwind and get comfortable. Its calming effects can also be used through decoration to help relieve stress and help people relax.


In darker tones, purple can be a dramatic colour the encourages the creative mind. It’s rich and luxurious tones are great to use as an accent wall or through decorative pieces throughout the living room. Lighter shades, like lilac and lavender, bring the same relaxing quality that blues does, but without the added chill.


Orange, like red, is an energetic colour that evokes excitement and action. If you like to exercise in your living room, you’ll find that having orange walls will get you more motivated to get moving. Within ancient cultures, shades of orange were thought to elevate energy levels as well as heal the lungs. 

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