Go Beyond the Beige: Living Room Paint Colours for Every Style

If your living room is in need of a makeover, paint is the way to start. This is an inexpensive way of changing your living room and elevating its appearance. A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference and because this is a room where you and your family spend a lot of your time, it is important that you choose a colour you will love.

The right colour will be warm and inviting and with the options that are available today, you can choose a colour that is bold and unique to create a statement. If you want something different than a traditional beige, the following guide will provide you with some inspiration:

Deep Blues

If you are looking for a colour that is bold and beautiful, a deep blue is the answer. This is a colour that is sophisticated and because of its depth and green undertones, you will have an easy time matching your décor and furniture. Your walls can make a statement and you can choose furniture pieces that are more neutral to create contrast. Try to unify the space and create a cohesive look if you are interested in patterns.

Pale Pinks

If you are looking for something more soft and romantic, a pale pink is the answer because this barely-there colour will add flare to your living room while remaining neutral. Pink may sound overwhelming but the reality is that the right shade can add the perfect touch of colour to your space and a pale or blush pink will provide you with a hint of colour that is barely there. This will help your living room feel cozy and inviting without overwhelming you or your guests. This is ideal for those who want a colour that is slightly more than a neutral and the right shade will create a space that is both whimsical and fun. Other patterns and furniture pieces can be added to the room to complete the look and this will prevent the space from looking or feeling overly feminine.

Grayish Blues

If you want a colour that is timeless, a grayish blue is the perfect solution because this shade will never go out of style. It is relaxing and classy and you can enjoy it for a very long period of time. Any décor, wall art and furniture will match perfectly with this shade and you can easily create a living room that is timeless. If you want a colour that will provide you with staying power, grayish blues are the way to go.

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