Monarch Paints-COVID-19 and the DIYers Response

The COVID-19 outbreak has fundamentally changed how people work and interact with the world around them. The need for shutdowns and social isolation has given people plenty of free time that some don’t really know how to fill. But for DIYers, both professional and amateur and everywhere in-between, the need for social isolation has been an opportunity.

Recently, a webinar was conducted by Grant Farnsworth, the Director of Business Strategy at The Farnsworth Group and Venveo’s founder and CEO Zach Williams where they gathered data about what DIYers have done with their time. They found that people have increased spending concerning home improvement projects; out of 1,000 people surveyed, 63% reported they started a new project in April, which was up from 60% in March.

Similarly, online buying and web surfing has also increased in relation to these DIY projects. 80% of DIY improvement purchases were online in April, up from 55% in March. Concerning web surfing, online searches for paint saw a 700% increase, with searches for siding up at 120% and kitchen and bath increased by 76%. Home improvement projects have always been time-consuming but desirable to many; the need for social isolation has given people plenty of time to catch up on long shelved and postponed DIY projects around the house.

It should be noted, however, that bigger projects should be left to trained professionals; electrical and plumbing work falls into this category. Not only can you avoid severe injuries and avoidable hospital trips, professionals are still available, if limited in operation for both their safety and yours. Painting and gardening are much less stressful compared to these bigger projects, being more within most people’s general skills and less likely to go wrong if at-home supplies run out.

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