What Is the Best Way to Remove Old Wallpaper?

Planning on remodelling your home this summer, but you are clueless on how to remove old wallpaper, paint or any other things which might be hanging on your walls? It’s most likely that you have bought an old house or if you bought your old house years ago with pre-installed wallpaper already. That must be annoying, right? Having to constantly look at that old wallpaper, while you're trying to study in your room or preparing dinner in the kitchen can cause many headaches every day. We know that every house owner wants products and material that will make cleaning and an easier job for you, or your family after cooking a messy meal. Want to know how to remove wallpaper easily without leaving any damages to your walls? We can help.

Step 1: Tape a tarp or old sheets on your floor. This way, when you are taking down your old wallpaper, it leaves a mess that is easy to clean, and you can pick the sheets right up and dump them in your garbage bin.

Step 2: When you have taken your old wallpaper off, if there is still excess material on your wall or the surface of the paper still remains, use a hot water solution to dilute your scoring tool and make it easier to scrape what's left.

Step 3: Use your solution and put it into a spray bottle to mix with another product. Apply it to the surface of the wall and wait two to three minutes for the solution to start doing its job. Use your scoring tool to slightly lift a corner of the wallpaper and pull it off into sheets catching the material with a tin or plastic bin.

Step 4: Turn off the power in your room and repeat the process until all the wallpaper is gone. Remove the tape off outlets and your floor after you are done.

After you are done, you might want to wait a few days for the solution to dry up on the walls or turn to vapour. There you have it, a dry blank canvas, but what will you do with it, and how might you get more tools which are necessary to paint your walls? Well, our paint store in Toronto can supply you with the right tools you need to get started on the job. If you are an artist and want to turn your wall into a painting, or just want the walls to match the new feel of your home, you are free to do whatever you want.