The Best Baby Nursery Colours

Preparing your baby’s nursery is a very important step and decorating this type of room is both exciting and fun. One of the first elements you must consider is the paint colour and this can be overwhelming as there are endless amounts of shades to choose from, but you don’t have to worry because the experts at Monarch Paints will help you select the right one!

A nursery should be soothing and stimulating, and colours can affect infants, which is why you must select the appropriate one that will help create a peaceful and calming environment. Bright reds and oranges are too bold for a nursery and if they are used as the main wall colour the results will be overwhelming, especially for a baby. You should also stay away from dark colours because they can affect the mood of both babies and parents, so it’s best to eliminate darker colours and bold tones so that you can focus on more suitable options.

Decide whether you prefer a traditional nursery with gendered colours as this will help narrow down your options. Pink is the most common colour associated with baby girls while blue is generally associated with baby boys. Choosing these colours in softer forms can be soothing for babies and there are plenty of warm pinks and cozy shades of blue to choose from for your nursery. If you want something pretty for a girl but feel that pink is too girly, you can select a lavender paint colour or a soft blush, both of which are very soothing and are great paint options to consider if you’re looking to create a nursery that is calm and serene. Softer blues are a classic choice for boy nurseries because they provide soothing vibes, making it ideal for this type of room.

Traditional gendered colours are not for everyone, so if you prefer something more neutral, there are plenty of colours to choose from. Don’t feel forced to select a colour that seems too masculine or feminine because there are lots of other options you can consider, like a soft green or yellow. The colour green is often used in learning environments so it’s a great choice for a nursery because it’s both energetic and stimulating yet calming at the same time. A soft yellow is another popular choice because it’s neutral and bright, and the sunny feeling it provides will bring warmth to the room. Gray and brown are also great options but you must pick the right shades so that it’s suitable for a nursery. 

If you want a professional opinion regarding paint colours, the experts at Monarch Paints in Toronto will help you select the right shades based on the room you would like to decorate. Our stores carry both wallpaper and the finest brands of paint, so whatever room you want to work on, we can help. Contact us today!