Take A Closer Look At 2018 Wallpaper Trends

In recent years, wallpaper has been coming back in a big way. If you’re planning to remodel or renovate your home, you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at 2017 wallpaper trends to help decide whether to go the wallpaper route instead of painting. If you examine these trends, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your next home reno project.

Large-Scale Prints

You don’t have to stick with a small, simple designs when you’re choosing wallpaper. If you want your wallpaper to make a statement, you should take a look at large-scale prints. Large-scale prints are a great choice for a room that mostly contains minimalist furniture. When you choose wallpaper like this, you can expect your wallpaper to be the focal point of your room. You won’t even need to hang artwork on your walls; your wallpaper will attract plenty of attention. When using large-scale prints you can also wallpaper only one wall and have it be an accent wall, while your other walls can remain painted a neutral white, so that the eye will be drawn to the wallpaper without overwhelming.

Hand-Printed Designs

Some wallpaper designs are actually hand-printed. While purchasing wallpaper like this can be costly, it’s definitely worth the high price. A lot of people are blown away when they see how beautiful this type of wallpaper can be. Start looking into hand-painted designs and see what you think of them. Decide whether or not you’d be willing to splurge on the wallpaper like this.

Fusion Prints

Wallpaper prints draw inspiration from countries all over the world. With that said, artists don’t have to use a single country as a source of inspiration. Many wallpaper designers mix and match elements of designs from around the world. In 2017, a lot of designers created wallpaper designs that fused elements from different cultures. For example, some wallpaper designs included elements of both Japanese and English patterns to bring out the best of both styles. There’s no need to limit yourself when you’re choosing your wallpaper. After all, there are all kinds of designs out there and many of them compliment one another seamlessly.

Textured Patterns

Wallpaper doesn’t necessarily have to have a bold, distinct print. You may want to opt for a more neutral wallpaper with a more interesting texture instead.Textured wallpaper shouldn’t be overpowering, but it should add a lot of visual interest to your room. There are all kinds of beautiful textured designs out there. Take a closer look at them and see what kinds of designs appeal to you. You should definitely look at 2017 wallpaper trends when you have the chance. All of these trends are fairly simple, and every one of these trends can improve the look of your home. With all the different options and fun designs, you’ll forget all about paint swatches and start thinking about what kind of wallpaper you want to be put up in your house.