Refresh Your Kitchen Cabinets with a Coat of Paint

Even if you have an attractive kitchen now, from time to time, it’s good to look at ways to upgrade to keep it looking fresh and add value to your home. One of the easiest ways to do so without breaking the bank is by painting or repainting the kitchen cabinets. It’s quicker than ripping out your old cabinets to replace with modern upgrades and way more cost-effective. Just one coat of paint can make a big difference. Premium, durable paint can make the most dated cabinets come alive and look brighter in no time. The trick is to know which paint to use and what colour. Take a look below at our suggestions:

Melamine Finish

Exposed wood is vulnerable to stains and a sticky surface from cooking smoke and fumes in the kitchen. Melamine is perfect to refresh wood cabinets and make them more durable. A light glaze can make it look cheerful and rejuvenated. Use a semi-gloss or gloss melamine finish for the makeover.

Choose colours that compliment your kitchen. Shades of white always make the space look more spacious and bright. For a pop of colour or a cozy look, you may want to consider darker shades.

Painting Process

  • First, clear out your cabinets to prepare the room.
  • Cover the countertops with an old cloth to avoid splatter and tape the ends so they don’t slide around.
  • You will need to sand the area with sandpaper so kitchenware should be out of the way. Wear gloves to keep your hands clean.
  • Select a primer for wood or melamine. Apply with a paintbrush and use a roller to reach the corners.
  • To paint the doors, first remove them and mark them with numbers for the corresponding cabinet so it’s easy to align and reinstall them. Your cabinets may look alike on the surface but the slightest difference in measurements can make it hard for you to place the doors back.
  • Tape the screws, knobs, handles and hinges to the hardware so they don’t get misplaced.
  • Carefully cover and tape off glass shelves (if any), so they don’t get splattered with drops of paint.
  • Seal holes with a sealer, then clean the sanded area with a TSP cleaner. Make sure it’s dry.
  • Use a brush or sprayer. Brushes are cheaper but brush marks will be visible. For a silky smooth finish, use a sprayer to paint after applying the primer. Wait for it to dry before you apply the paint. Apply a second coat after the first coat is dry.
  • Once the second coat is completely dry, fix the cabinet doors back in place. Be very careful while doing so. Freshly painted surfaces can easily scratch or get marks when you are moving things around them.

If a DIY painting job is not for you or you don’t have the time to paint your kitchen cabinets yourself, it’s best to leave it to our professionals for a flawless finish.

Monarch Paints, Toronto

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