3 Calming Paint Colours to Create a Stress-Free Sanctuary

If you’re feeling stressed, paint colours can help. Certain tones are known to be calming and the right colours can transform your home into an environment that is safe and relaxing. Some colours can elevate your mood and the appearance of your space, so if you are interested in a little colour therapy, it may be time to consider adding a fresh coat of paint.

If you want to feel less anxious and less stressed, the following colours will help bring a great sense of calm into your life:

Blue Hues

Blues are known to be very calming, so if you want to create a space that is relaxing, consider the different shades of blues. Tranquil blue colours are soothing and will help clear your mind because they cause most people to think of tranquil waters, which are known to have both psychological and emotional benefits. If you’ve ever jogged by a lake or taken a trip to the beach, you are likely aware of how much better that makes you feel and painting a room a shade of blue will have that same positive effect. Entering into that room will reduce your stress and anxiety levels, so if you’re ready for a space that is peaceful and relaxing, consider the different hues of blue.

Shades Of Green

Green is the colour that is most associated with nature and different shades can create a sense of stillness and calm. Spending time in nature is known to help reduce stress and can help improve one’s mood, so a green paint colour is ideal for anyone looking for peace and harmony. You can bring nature indoors by choosing soothing shades of green and your home will be a sanctuary that will boost your mood and happiness. If you’re looking for comfort, green paint is the way to go.


If you want to create a space that is calm and reassuring, quiet neutral tones are the perfect answer. These colours are airy and will help you set a serene mood in your home. One of the best things about these colours is that they allow you to incorporate a lot of colours through furniture pieces and home décor, so the room will pop while feeling relaxing and calm at the same time. Neutrals will instantly eliminate your stress and there are a number of relaxing hues you can choose from. These colours will provide you with the perfect mixture of warm and cool tones and your space will feel clean, airy and sophisticated. These hues will help you relax and will provide you with a breath of fresh air every time.

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