5 Different Types of Paints and Their Applications

Paints can give you the ability to enhance your house's look and help you renovate your home in a beautiful, more aesthetic way. However, did you know that there are paints available in different types that can perform in different ways to help improve the appearance of your space? It's true, you can find paint in many different forms and functions, and after you understand the features of every type, it will be easier for you to choose the right product for the application you need it for. So, these are the different types of paints so you can select the one that suits your needs.

Oil Paint

Oil paint's base is made from white lead and is typically applied in three different coats: The primer, undercoat and the finish. This type of paint is available in glossy or matte finishes. It is durable and affordable, so oil paint is one of the most popular choices, and it is easy to apply and clean off. You can usually use this paint on walls, doors, windows and metal objects. Despite having various benefits, these will also have some downsides. Oil paint will not be suitable for humid conditions, and it will take more time to dry down completely.

Enamel Paint

Enamel paint is made by adding lead or zinc to varnish. You can get them in many different colours with added pigments. This is a form of a hard and glossy coating that is easy to clean. When it comes to durability, enamel paints are pretty long-lasting & waterproof and they are chemically resistant. they also offer great coverage and colour retention. Enamel paints are used for many different applications:

  • Interior and exterior walls
  • Wood, doors and floors
  • Windows
  • Stairs
  • Concrete, plaster, glass and metals

However, enamel paint is slow-drying paint and it needs to have a titanium coating before you apply it.

Emulsion Paint

Emulsion paint uses binding materials like polyvinyl acetate and polystyrene and it also contains drying agents like cobalt and manganese. They are also available with different bases like water, oil and their pigments are used to make different shades of emulsion paints. Emulsion paints dry fast and are hardened in nature, and you can clean their surface with water. They are durable, they offer great colour retention and are alkali resistant. You can use these paints for walls, ceilings and masonry work.

Cement Paint

Cement paint can be found in powder form, and it is easy to mix in with water to give you a nice paint consistency. Cement paint has white or coloured cement as its base, and it contains pigments, accelerators and some other additives. This is a durable and waterproof kind of paint type and is most commonly used in rough applications.

Bituminous Paint

Bituminous paint is made from dissolved asphalt or tar and is available in a black colour. The paint is waterproof and alkali resistant. But if it is exposed to the sun, it will not be suitable for application since it will deteriorate in the sunlight.

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