What Is Stain-Resistant Paint and Why Do You Need It?

If you want to protect your walls and maintain its beautiful appearance, stain-resistance paint is a must. This type of paint will provide you with peace of mind and you’ll never have to worry about dirt or stains because these can easily be wiped away. Your walls will remain clean and will maintain their fresh look, so you need to select stain-resistant paint for your next project.

Regular paint will allow your walls to absorb dirt and stains because it does not have the ability to withstand discoloration. There are different reasons why a paint may stain, including its application on a porous surface. Wood, for example, is very porous, so it may cause the paint to stain if it were to be applied on this kind of surface. If the paint is applied without a primer, this, too, can cause a paint to stain, as can a low-sheen paint like matte, for example.

Dirt and crayons are common materials that often result in stains but there are other elements that can ruin your walls as well. Lipstick, oil, sauces, grease, markers and pens can all result in stains and if you use regular paint, these materials will all lead to stress. This is because regular paint allows these substances to go on but makes it very difficult to get them off. In most cases, it will be impossible to remove such stains and even if you were to succeed, you would most likely still see a visible mark, so your walls would never look clean.

When choosing paint, you need to remember that there are different types, so select the one that will help prevent stains. Primer is very important and every paint job will require this element, so make sure you factor this into your project. You can choose to prime first and then paint, or you can purchase paint that contains built-in primer. Both options will provide you with better results because this added layer will help the paint stick better to your wall. This applies to doors and cabinets as well, so primer is a must for every project because, in addition to professional results, it also creates a less porous finish, which will prevent stains from getting into your paint.

You also need to consider whether or not you’re covering any existing stains. If you are, it is best to choose a high-performance primer, as this will hide previous paint colours while blocking stains and sealing porous surfaces. If stains are not a concern, a paint with a built-in primer is ideal because this will keep your walls looking fresh and clean.

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